Friday, August 3, 2007

Announcing..........2007 Autumn Colorways!

I always go a little overboard for Autumn, but it's the season of color! This year I tried to bring selection that were fresh,bold, and crisp, and a little bit different.

If you've been with me the past 2 seasons, you'll know I always try to have at least one 'Pumpkin' theme colorway, and one 'Apple' colorway; Pumpkins and Apples being of quintessential importace to Autunm symbology.

So it seems fitting to introduce you to the Pumpkin and Apple of 2007 first:

"Sugar Treat"

The pumpkin variety this colorway takes its name from is a small, smooth pumpkin with bright orange flesh. It has a long curved handle and is quite ornate.
The spirit of this pumpkin is embodied in this colorway with its sweet colors: crisp greens, bright peachy orange, rosy blush, and soft lilac.

"Granny Smith"

Ahhh tart apples...what else is there to say? This Granny Smith colorway has 3 apple greens, white apple flesh and 2 browns, representing stem and seeds.


A friend of mine told me Incantate looks very Collegiate; depends on who you support, I suppose! Burgandy, gold, smoke, and black.

"Matvey the Cat"

A colorful Octoberish colorway: blazing orange, dark yellow, black, silver and soft green.


Black, purple, lavender, silver and white, with a touch of "boo".

And Finally,

"Jack Frost"

Not in the least bit as harsh as Old Man Winter, Jack Frost is genteel and friendly with celery, periwinkle and black.


Davina said...

Um... Wow!

Pamelamama said...


Andrea S, said...

Jack Frost is da bomb diggity! I love it.

happycheeksdiapers said...

May I have some Granny Smith please? You've outdone yourself again!!!

loraine said...

Revisiting these. Very lovely colors.

loraine said...

Revisiting these lovely colors. Ahhh,,,,,, You're a great dyer Hillary. :-)

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