Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Autumn 2009 Colorways

Pieces of Eight


Pieces of Eight was an idea from last year that I really really wanted to do, but I put the idea back on the shelf since we had so many colorways last year. I was chomping at the bit to dye it for this year! Pirates and cannons and yo ho hos, bottles of rum!

Colors: Light steel green, goldenrod, silver, black, maroon, blood red

2. Pumpkin Royale


Well I always have to do both a pumpkin and an apple colorway every year, and here is this year's pumpkin. My inspiration for Pumpkin Royale was misty images of a rural pumpkin patch: the pumpkins, the faded vines, the soil, the overcast sky, the sun-bleached denim on the scarecrow.

Colors: orange, natural, light steel green, chocolate, carmel, and light steel blue

3. Fair Isle Carmel Apple


Our Apple colorway this year year is a fun makeover of our Classic Carmel Apple colorway. We still love Classic Carmel Apple but we had fun mixing it up in this fun colorway. Colors include all of the colors of the original, but substitutes natural for silver. color repeats are also short and more erratic than the original.

4. Cast a Spell


Who says bold blue can't be 'fallish'? Bold splashes of blue offset the traditional autumn colors in this whimsical colorway.

Colors: Light steel green, ultra-marine blue, faded ocean blue, corn husk yellow, rust red, brown and natural.

5. Little Orchard


Colors: dark and light iced lilac, natural, dark and light steel green, brown


Jessica said...

love, love, love

sign me up

give me all of them -- lol

beauty school drop out said...

oh wow love them.

Barb said...

Yes, please. I have narrowed myself down to just 3 so far. That's good, right?

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