Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Fall Colorways 2012

Cinnamon Pumpkin Crumble

Cinnamon red, pumpkin, medium brown and light pastry brown


whimsical light pink, lapis blue, and grass green with natural.

There is two versions of this colorway.  the first is about the the second is below.

 This version contains no natural and is named "Cartwheels"

Merlin's Beard

Royal purple, deep midnight violet, and medium brown


blackest black, leaf green, pumpkin orange and light purple.  Spooky!
This colorway is a re-make of our "Gate Night" without the yellow.  It is named for our long ago dearly departed cat.  We do try to name a colorway after each of the cats, and Spook's name just doesn't work on something pink...

???? (Contest Colorway)

light clear blue, aquamarine, medium navy, grassy green, bronze, brown and tan

And announcing..the colorway naming contest!

Submit your entry between noon 8/26/2012 and midnight (EDT) 8/31/2012.  Three submissions will be chosen, and voting will take place 9/2 to 9/3  20012.  Th winning submission with win a Petite Pack  from Dashing Dachs!

1) This is the most important rule.  Do not be offended if your submission is not chosen.  We will appreciate all submissions.
2) One submission per household.

1) This is a Autumn themed colorway, and the name should reflect that.  Not that is has to be named after leaves and pumpkins...there is wide parameters that are open for interpretation.
2) Have fun!

email submissions to, with subject "colorway naming contest"


Heather said...

"Falling Leaves"

Anonymous said...

Fall Moon

a.thelen said...

"Autumn in Nantucket"

Myla said...

Rustic oak

Heather said...

Leaves turning

Mommie Dearest said...

Dusk Pines

Anonymous said...

September mountain lake

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