Thursday, April 10, 2014

Middle Earth Semi-Solids

This unconventional rainbow of semi-solids each take a name for one of the characters in J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit.

In the book each dwarf wears a colored hood, and each of these colors takes it's inspiration for that.

(left-right)Thorin Oakenshield- simple black licorice
 Dori- earthy eggplant purple
 Fili- dark midnight blue


(left-right) Kili- medium saturated sea blue
Bifur- Limoncello, a bright green-yellow
Bombur - light mossy green

(left-right) Bofur- brassy dark goldenrod
Gloin- burnt orange
Oin- chocolate red velvet


(left-right)Balin- classic cherry red
Nori-  light cornflower blue

(left-right)Ori- cantaloupe with citrus
Dwalin-  deep pink with independent stone splash


 not Dwarves, but still included in our collection

(left-right)Bilbo Baggins- Burnt Sienna with Terracotta tip
Gandolf the Grey- grey-gray


The yarn in the pictures is our dk superwash.  There is over 2lbs of it altogether and it will be for sale soon as one big lot.

If you want some Middle Earth semis for you own and you want full (8 oz, 4 oz, or 100 grams)  The you can order from us directly; ordering detail will be available soon.

If you are interested in a bunch of colors, but just want a small amount of each, there is a group buy starting up. Details are posted here  (links to

Finally if you have some Dashing Dachs yarn, and want to knit it up, consider joing our knit-(crochet, spin, weave) a-long!  We have some great prizes, and you'll get to meet nice people too!   Dashing Dachs knit-a-long at Ravelry

Ready to order full size skeins?  Here is the listing  Dwarven Semi-Solids dyed to order

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